Keep Fire Safety in Mind at the Office

Every building is at some risk of fire, but you can help protect your business and its occupants from this emergency situation by following a few simple guidelines. If you are a building owner, manager, custodian or even employee, these tips can help you save lives, protect valuable assets and minimize damage to your surroundings.

Arrange for inspection

The worst time to find out your smoke detector is malfunctioning is during an actual fire situation. Likewise, you don’t want to pull out a fire extinguisher only to find that it, too, is on the fritz. The easy fix for this potential danger is to schedule regular fire extinguisher inspection in Lawrenceville, GA, along with inspection of your exit signs’ bulbs and batteries. Ask your fire safety professional whether there are any other steps you should take to ensure a safe and timely exit for everyone in the building.

Have a plan

In many cases, the best way of handling a fire is to vacate the premises as quickly and calmly as possible. It’s not worth it to stay in the building trying to combat a fire if it’s best left to firefighting professionals, so be ready to take action to leave the building right away if the situation arises.

In order to make this happen, there should be a well-established evacuation plan in place at all times, and it should be updated as necessary. Make sure everyone in the building is aware of the exits, and that each person knows their role if the alarm goes off. You may assume that since everyone leaves through the exits at the end of the workday, they know where they are located. But when a dangerous situation starts, many people go into panic mode and get confused or anxious. This can make finding exits very difficult, so practicing is a must. It is also crucial that all exits be properly lit so they’re easy to spot if there is smoke in the room.

Hold regular fire drills to practice for a real emergency, and take note of any issues that arise so you can correct them in case a real fire situation occurs. For example, once someone leaves the office, do they then know the quickest way out of the mailroom, bathroom or lunchroom? Plan for all of the possibilities.

Provide training

Fire extinguishers serve a critical role during a fire. They should be in adequate supply for all types of buildings, and should be kept in working order at all times—at least one per floor. Most people haven’t had to operate a fire extinguisher before, so make sure to provide proper training for your employees. Get regular fire extinguisher inspection in Lawrenceville, GA so you can be confident that, should an occupant need to use a fire extinguisher, it will work right away when they need it.

The best way to keep your team safe is by working with a fire safety professional year-round. That way, if the worst happens, you’ll be prepared to keep everyone safe. To learn more, get in touch with AAA Fire Protection Resources, Inc. today!

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