Avoid Making These Common Mistakes with Your Fire Extinguisher

Preparing your office in the event of a workplace fire means more than simply keeping a fire extinguisher close at hand. Take the time to check that your office is following these essential tips when it comes to your fire extinguishers. Then, if you find you need installation, inspection or other work performed, contact a fire extinguisher service in Lawrenceville, GA as soon as possible to make sure you’re following proper safety procedures with your workplace’s fire extinguishers:

  • Place the correct number of fire extinguishers: It’s likely that your office will need more than one fire extinguisher, especially if your workplace is large. Check your state laws to find out how many to install in your office. They may provide guidance on how many fire extinguishers you must have in order for every employee to have quick and convenient access to this equipment.
  • Make sure your equipment is not too old: State and federal requirements dictate that fire extinguishers are rendered obsolete after a certain amount of time. If you find that your equipment is too old, you’ll want to purchase new, up-to-date fire extinguishers.
  • Install them at the correct height: To allow all employees to be able to physically reach a fire extinguisher, the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) states that fire extinguishers cannot be installed more than 48 inches from the floor.
  • Perform regular inspections: Regular inspections are essential for ensuring that a fire extinguisher will work as it should if or when it does need to be used. Familiarize yourself with your state’s laws regarding fire extinguisher inspections so you can establish a routine inspection schedule. In general, though, a monthly visual inspection of your fire extinguisher is recommended, along with annual maintenance performed by a fire protection equipment professional.
  • Train your employees on proper use: Check your state laws to see the type and frequency of training that employers must provide their employees. For example, your state may require that any employee who may be using the fire extinguisher receive training on an annual basis. Because it’s possible that any employee may need to use a fire extinguisher, it’s a sound practice to make it a priority to arrange training for all of your employees annually.

Unless you happen to be extremely vigilant about your workplace’s fire extinguishers, it’s likely that your fire protection equipment could use an update. It’s also quite possible that you need to replace some existing equipment or add some new fire protection equipment to help keep you and your employees as safe as possible when everyone comes to work.

That’s where a fire extinguisher service in Lawrenceville, GA comes in. AAA Fire Protection Resources, Inc. has been selling, servicing and installing fire protection equipment of all types since 1981. Some of our many products include fire hydrants, fire training, emergency lights, exit signs, sprinkler systems and fire alarms.

In addition, we work closely with all of our clients to assist them in remaining in compliance with state and federal fire safety guidelines. Get in touch today to set up an appointment for service or to place an order!

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