Learn about Four Common Causes of Workplace Fires

A fire in the workplace is unpleasant and stressful to think about, but you can reduce the chances that one will occur with some preparation and continued attention to your fire equipment supplies.

As your premier fire equipment suppliers in Lawrenceville, GA, we offer the following guidance to our current and potential clients:

  • Handle any possibly dangerous materials carefully: This tip is especially important if your workplace stores or produces any materials or substances that could combust or burst into flames. Be sure all staff are familiar with how to store and dispose of any materials of this nature and that everyone is following proper safety procedures when handling dangerous materials or substances.
  • Proactively reduce the likelihood of arson: It’s not out of the question that a vandal could set fire to the outside of an office building. Factories and other businesses with multiple units on the same property may be especially vulnerable buildings for troublemakers to target. You can reduce the odds that your workplace will be the victim of arson by taking precautionary steps. These might include installing fireproof shutters and a sprinkler system and adding or enhancing your existing gate system or security cameras.
  • Train your staff to help avoid accidents: Make sure your staff understands the importance of keeping a close eye on any food they are preparing in the office kitchen, and that they are careful not to let any liquids come into contact with electrical equipment. You should also take the time to regularly train your staff on how to use your office’s fire extinguishers. As part of your focus on fire extinguishers, perform a regular maintenance check to determine that they are working properly and that there are enough fire extinguishers throughout your workplace.
  • Keep your electrical equipment in good working order: Malfunctioning electrical equipment is the most frequent cause of fires in the workplace. Plugs or wires that have come loose or are bearing an excessive load, as well as outdated equipment, are possible sources for a fire in your office. Properly maintain all of your electrical equipment and don’t overload electrical outlets. It’s also essential to have testing performed to check that your electrical equipment is safe and functioning as it should be.

If lowering the risk of fires in your workplace is a priority for the new year and beyond, turn to fire equipment suppliers in Lawrenceville, GA that you can trust. AAA Fire Protection Resources, Inc. has been providing the highest quality fire protection equipment for commercial locations across Georgia for more than 35 years.

We are proud to offer a wide array of items, including fire hydrants, fire extinguishers, fire training, emergency lights, exit signs, sprinkler systems and fire alarms. We can also install and service any of our products, and we can accommodate orders of any size, including large or bulk orders.

In addition, we work closely with all of our commercial clients to assist them in remaining in compliance with state and federal fire safety guidelines. When you’re ready to schedule an appointment or place an order, or if you have any questions, contact us today!

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