Do You Have a Fire Escape Plan?

Almost nothing is more frightening and devastating than a house fire. As tragic as any house fire is, though, you can avoid the worst-case scenario by effectively planning an escape route for yourself and your family members. Excessive smoke, noise, heat and confusion, coupled with poor planning and a lack of preparation, too often ends in death or severe injury.

Even though it may seem like the idea of a house fire is far-fetched, you and your family members should have a clear idea of how you will act in case your home is engulfed in flames. You should also make smart investments in fire protection equipment in Lawrenceville, GA.

Developing an effective escape plan is a challenging, yet entirely necessary task. Because each home and property is unique, you may want to consider consulting with a professional fire safety expert as you develop your home escape plan. Here are just some rules of thumb to pay attention to as you develop a fire safety strategy:

  • Develop, then communicate: Once you’ve developed your fire safety plan, you should communicate it effectively to all of your family members and houseguests. You should have an open and frank discussion about how the escape proceedings will occur. Additionally, you will need to identify and agree upon a rendezvous point that you will meet up at after escaping the fire. Street signs and corners are ideal.
  • Purchase lights and ladders: There are several tools that can make your escape substantially easier. Firstly, you should have an active network of smoke alarms and smoke detectors. Secondly, you should invest in emergency lights that will illuminate your rooms and hallways in case of a fire. Additionally, you should also purchase a fire escape ladder for each and every room that isn’t at ground level.
  • Keep your valuables in a safe: Once a fire has started, everybody’s top priority needs to be getting safely out of the house. That means that you won’t have time to gather any of your essential documents or valuables. For this reason, you should keep essential documents and valuable items in a water- and fireproof safe, or in an off-site safety deposit box.
  • Make your escape: As you make your escape from your home, be sure to proceed quickly but cautiously. Simply trying to run out of the home as quickly as possible may end in disaster. Keep your head to the ground so as to minimize your smoke exposure, and place your hand on each door before you open it. If the door feels warm, you’ll need to find another escape route.

AAA Fire Protection Resources, Inc. offers a full range of fire protection equipment in Lawrenceville, GA. We provide each and every one of our customers with high-quality fire safety gear that they can rely on. Our staff also includes professional fire safety experts who can help you determine the best way to safeguard your home, business and family from a fire. We can help you purchase and install nearly every possible escape tool, including fire escape ladders, emergency exit lights, sprinkler systems and smoke alarms.

To learn more about the tools and services offered by AAA Fire Protection Resources, Inc., reach out to one of our friendly and knowledgeable associates today.

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