How Often Should I Get My Fire Sprinkler System Inspected?

Your building and its occupants rely on your fire sprinkler system to protect them during an emergency. This makes proper functioning of this equipment essential. To ensure it operates as needed during a fire, you must have it inspected regularly. Partnering with experienced fire sprinkler contractors in Lawrenceville, GA to complete these inspections will help keep your property safe.

How often should you complete these inspections? The answer varies. Some parts should be inspected more often than others. Following is a breakdown of the standards for inspection and testing frequencies.


  • Every week or month: Depending on the type of system you have, some parts should be inspected each week or each month. For dry, pre-action and deluge systems, inspect the gauges every week. For wet pipe systems, inspect the gauges every month.
  • Every quarter: Each quarter (every three months), inspect the hydraulic nameplates, the supervisory signal devices, the water flow alarm devices, the control valves and the valve supervisory alarm devices.
  • Every year: The pipes and fittings, spare sprinklers, information signage and hanger/seismic bracing should be inspected once each year.
  • Every five years: You should have an internal inspection of your sprinkler piping conducted once every five years by a fire sprinkler contractor in Lawrenceville, GA.


  • Quarterly: Every three months, test the fire sprinkler mechanical devices.
  • Semiannually: Every six months, test your vane and pressure switch devices.
  • Annually: You should conduct a complete fire sprinkler system test every year. Testing should include antifreeze concentration tests, alarm tests, trip tests, water flow tests and fire pump tests.
  • Every five years: Once every five years, test or replace your gauges. Sprinklers exposed to extremely high temperatures or other harsh conditions should also be tested or replaced.
  • Every 10+ years: If you have dry sprinklers, you should test or replace them every decade. If you have fast-response sprinklers, you should test these after their first 20 years of use. After this, test them every 10 years. If you have a standard response sprinkler system, this should be tested after the first 50 years of use and once every decade after that.


It is important to consult with fire sprinkler contractors in Lawrenceville, GA as you complete these tests and inspections. Amateur testing can result in damaged parts or insufficient inspections. This is not a task for which everyone is equally qualified. It is important to assign it to experienced professionals. Partnering with a qualified contractor will ensure your systems continue to operate optimally and keep your building safe.

Don’t Delay

Have you had your sprinklers inspected recently? Don’t put off these essential inspections and tests. Contact the experts at AAA Fire Protection Resources, Inc. today. We have been providing quality fire protection equipment for commercial locations all across Georgia since 1981. Our team offers in-depth knowledge of equipment, maintenance, installations and inspections. If you have any questions about your system or need to schedule service, contact our fire sprinkler contractors in Lawrenceville, GA today.

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