What Makes Up a Fire Protection System in Lawrenceville, GA?

When you think of fire protection systems in Lawrenceville, GA, you probably think of fire alarms and sprinklers. Did you know there is much more to fire protection than these two components? For effective fire protection, a system requires several aspects.

To learn what these important components are, use the following guide to fire protection systems in Lawrenceville, GA. These systems are typically made up of seven main pieces:

  • Initiators: These devices initiate a fire alarm. Some are automatic, and some are manual. Their purpose is to alert the system that an incident is occurring so that intervention can be initiated. Examples of these devices include alarm buttons, pull stations, heat detectors, CO2 detectors, flame detectors and smoke detectors. Commercial fire systems usually include more than one type of initiator in a combination of manual and automatic formats.
  • Notifiers: Fire alarm notification devices alert people about an emergency situation. They may inform building occupants, emergency responders and people at remote sites. These notifications may include noise, alarms and lights or some combination thereof. Examples of notifiers include chimes, bells, horns, strobes and voice systems.
  • Panels: Fire protection systems in Lawrenceville, GA are typically monitored and/or controlled by a fire alarm control panel. This is the central piece that sends and receives signals from the rest of the system. This is used for alert signals, disabling alarms and resetting the system as needed.
  • Backups: To ensure reliable operation, fire protection systems in Lawrenceville, GA have a backup power supply. These supplies are typically 6V or 12V batteries. They are linked into a power system that allows constant operation. These are usually monitored and charged through the control panel.
  • Remotes: Remote control and display panels allow personnel to check the status of the system and activate or deactivate various parts of the system. These are usually only found in larger systems, such as those in high-rise buildings. For smaller systems, a remote control is usually unnecessary, as the system is controlled at the main panel.
  • Sprinklers: While most people are somewhat familiar with these systems, it’s important to note that they have evolved over time. Sprinklers are much more advanced in today’s systems than those of yesteryear. They can target specific zones and respond more precisely to fire alerts. Their improved technology can have a great impact on preventing disasters.
  • Cameras: Video surveillance is not often considered part of fire protection systems in Lawrenceville, GA. Cameras are typically viewed as crime deterrents and security measures. However, cameras can help emergency responders and building managers more accurately detect and view what is going on throughout the building. If an alarm sounds, they can check the cameras in that sector to gain a better understanding of the situation.

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