Is Fire Extinguisher Inspection in Lawrenceville, GA Mandatory?

Fire extinguishers are essential resources to have in your workplace. A fully-functioning fire extinguisher can help you reduce the damage and injury caused by a workplace fire, but a fire extinguisher that’s old, expired and outdated likely won’t do you much good in the event of an emergency. With this in mind, it’s important to get a fire extinguisher inspection in Lawrenceville, GA. Read on to find out more about fire extinguisher inspections and the relevant requirements for business owners.

Inspection basics

There are a couple of different types of inspections that you might receive for the fire extinguishers in your workplace. A monthly inspection is an optional inspection from a fire safety professional to ensure that your fire extinguishers are in good condition and are placed properly in your facility. The person conducting the inspection will assess the accessibility of your fire extinguishers and make sure that they are in plain sight for your employees in the event of a fire.

An annual fire extinguisher inspection in Lawrenceville, GA is required by the National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA). During an annual fire extinguisher inspection, a professional will thoroughly assess the condition of your fire extinguisher, identify signs of damage and determine whether there are any issues that may prevent the fire extinguisher from working effectively. The inspector will also ensure that the instructions for the fire extinguisher are clearly visible and accessible to users.

In addition to monthly and annual tests, there are also additional tests that may be necessary after five years and after 12 years. If you are concerned that there’s something wrong with your fire extinguisher, it’s important to reach out to a professional to discuss replacement as soon as possible. Being left without a functioning fire extinguisher puts your business at risk of extensive damage in the event that a fire occurs on your property.

Fire extinguisher replacement

New fire extinguishers are designed for durability, longevity and effectiveness, and it may be worth it to upgrade your extinguishers if your existing equipment is nearing its expiration or is in disrepair. The best way to determine whether replacement is necessary is to work with a professional who specializes in fire prevention and suppression equipment. They will be able to make product recommendations based on the specific needs of your business and offer services to keep your equipment in the best condition possible for years into the future.

Schedule fire extinguisher inspection in Lawrenceville, GA

If you want to find out more about what to expect from a fire extinguisher inspection in Lawrenceville, GA, reach out to AAA Fire Protection Resources, Inc. Since 1981, we have been proud to provide a wide range of fire protection supplies and services to keep area workplaces safe and compliant with government regulations. Regardless of what your specific needs may be, our team is here to help you. Give us a call today to find out more about everything that we have to offer and to schedule a consultation and quote!

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