Gimmick or Genius? Innovations in Fire Protection Systems in Lawrenceville, GA

The basics of good fire safety will always remain the same, but the technology used to ensure fire safety continues to get more and more technologically advanced. There are a lot of incredible innovations being produced to protect against and fight fires. While some might dismiss them as being gimmicky, there are plenty of ways in which these new systems make for safer, more fireproof spaces than ever before.

With this in mind, here are just a few examples of some of the innovations being made in fire protection systems in Lawrenceville, GA.

Fire extinguishers using sound waves

A pair of engineering students from George Mason University developed a fire extinguisher that uses sound waves to put out fires, which would cut out a reliance on chemicals and water. The sound waves separate the burning fuel from oxygen, essentially snuffing out the flames. While this idea has existed in theory for a while, this is the first sound wave extinguisher that has reliably worked. The current prototype is a large, handheld extinguisher that is non-destructive and easy to use, making it ideal for use in the home. However, it currently is only usable for smaller fires.

Mist systems

Water mist systems are a twist on your standard sprinkler systems, and may be a big part of the future of firefighting. These systems emit a mist that smothers the fire, rather than large droplets of water. Because the droplets are smaller, mist systems create more of them, creating a larger surface area that converts the water to steam faster. Steam is capable of absorbing more heat from the flames, which can lower the temperature of the fire and ultimately suffocate it faster than regular water.

Early suppression fast response fire sprinkler systems

Warehouses that have inventory piled up high often use in-rack sprinkler systems. However, they can cause some problems—it could be easy to burst the pipes with a mistake in the pallet loading process, and in-rack systems can require some expensive reconfiguration if the racks must be rearranged.

The introduction of early suppression fast response (ESFR) systems is a game changer. These systems get mounted to the ceiling and have high-pressure heads that produce a large volume of water (100 gallons per minute). ESFR technology doesn’t just control a fire, it suppresses it.

Vocal smoke alarms

One of the most common problems in residential settings is children sleeping through a fire alarm. Fire alarms that have voice capabilities are becoming more common, particularly with personalized vocal options, as children may be more likely to wake up if they hear a familiar voice. These alarms allow parents to record messages on the smoke alarm and give customized directions to children during a fire, including information about escape routes and safety tips.

These are just a few examples of some of the many new innovations being introduced to the world of fire safety. For more information about the latest technology in fire protection systems in Lawrenceville, GA, contact AAA Fire Protection Resources, Inc. today.

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