Does Your Child’s School Adhere to Fire Safety Compliance in Lawrenceville, GA?

Your child’s safety is a top priority. This includes their time at school. While many parents think of bullying, abductions and other human threats to their child, they may not consider the importance of fire safety compliance in Lawrenceville, GA.

Following are the most common threats to fire safety in schools. We’ve also included a few stats from local schools that demonstrate their fire-preparedness. To find your child’s school, visit the Fire Drill Report site.

School Fire Hazards

  • Storage: A common safety violation is the improper storage of materials. Items may be stacked higher than is recommended, effectively blocking sprinkler systems from optimal operation. Decorations may be hung in ways that are not recommended for proper fire safety. Paper and other supplies may be stored haphazardly out in the open rather than in proper storage closets.
  • Access: All doors, windows and emergency exits should be easily accessible. Many times, compromises are made to arrange furniture, supplies or décor in such a way that diminishes this access. This can create dangerous situations in the case of a fire or other emergency.
  • Equipment: Fire extinguishers are an important part of fire safety compliance in Lawrenceville, GA. Classroom fire extinguishers should be mounted in plain sight and easily accessed. This is not always the case, as the extinguishers may be locked away, hidden in shelving or placed in storage areas.

School Drill Reports

  • Benefield Elementary School: The fire drill that occurred on 4-30-19 included 197 people. Response time was 02:39. On March 21, 1276 participants completed a fire drill in 03:42. A severe weather drill took place on 2-28-19 that saw a response time of 04:10. The fire drill on 1-7-19, involving 1360 people, was completed in 02:59.
  • Alton C. Crews Middle School: The most recent fire drill, on 4-26-19, involved 1488 individuals and was completed in 06:00. The March fire drill was completed in 04:00. In February, the severe weather drill required six minutes to complete. In January, the monthly fire drill, involving 1519 individuals, was completed in just 03:00.
  • Harris Elementary School: With a population of around 900, Harris Elementary School completes fire drills in three to four minutes. The most recent drill, on 4-8-19, involved 910 people and was completed in 03:21. March’s drill for 915 individuals was completed in 04:15, and the drill in January, involving 907 people, required 04:03.
  • Archer High School: On 3-28-19, Archer High School completed a fire drill for 2900 people in 05:30. Response time for the fire drill in January was 05:00. The school also completed a severe weather drill in February that saw a response time of 08:00.

Keep Them Safe

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