What to Do in Case of a Fire

A fire breaking out in your workplace is undoubtedly one of the most frightening situations you could ever find yourself in. Whether your place of business is a restaurant kitchen or an office building, having the correct fire protection equipment in Lawrenceville, GA in place ahead of time can help add just a bit of calm during such a scary and hectic emergency. Here are a few pointers on what to do if you ever find yourself in such a situation, along with a few precautionary tips to help everyone in the building stay prepared and reduce the risk of a fire.

Exiting the building

If there is a fire in your building, the primary goal will be to get outside as quickly and safely as possible. As soon as you notice the first signs of smoke or fire, pull the emergency fire alarm, then start making your way towards the nearest exit. It is best to stay low to the ground as you maneuver towards the door, and use your hand to feel any surfaces to make sure that you aren’t heading into danger on the other side. You should also keep one of your hands on the wall as you crawl to stabilize yourself and prevent the disorientation that can occur from smoke inhalation. Once outside, head over to the designated refuge area and contact emergency responders immediately.

If you find that it is too dangerous to leave your current location, remain in place with the door closed until the fire department is able to come and get you. If you are able, take a towel or bright piece of clothing and wave it out the window to notify the rescue team of your location. If smoke begins to enter the room underneath the door, stuff damp sheets or blankets over the openings to keep it out.

Precautionary measures

There are also steps that you can take ahead of time to make sure you’re prepared in the event that a fire does ever break out. This advance preparation will help you remain calm during an emergency, which will play a key role in your ability to make your way to the exit safely. You should also check on the condition of all electrical outlets, and avoid the threat of circuit overload by employing the use of surge protected power strips wherever possible. Above all else, businesses must make sure that all employees are well versed in the details of any fire escape plan that has been put in place.

In addition to making sure all of the employees know the ins and outs of the fire escape plan, businesses should also have all of the necessary fire protection equipment in Lawrenceville, GA on hand in the event that something does happen. With over 35 years of experience, our team at AAA Fire Protection Resources, Inc. is ready to make sure your company is equipped with all of the tools you might need in a fire emergency, whether that means multiple fire extinguishers or emergency lighting and exit signs. For high-quality equipment that you can rely on in emergency situations, give us a call today!

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