Various Types of Fire Suppression Systems

Regardless of what kind of business you call your own, you should make sure you have a fully-functioning and well-maintained fire suppression system in place. It’s not a question of if you should have one, but of what type you should have in place.

Not sure which types of fire suppression systems in Lawrenceville, GA will work best for your business? Read on to learn a little bit about the major types of fire suppression systems and which one may work best for you.

The kitchen option

If you run a restaurant (or any establishment with a cooking space), you’ll want to make sure that you have a chemical foam system in place. When a fire burns out of control, specially-placed nozzles eject a mixture of foam and water that extinguishes fires in a split second. Kitchen fire systems can work in conjunction with water systems to create a comprehensive fire suppression system.

Chemical foam systems are preferred in kitchen areas because they’re safe for the workers, and they don’t cause damage to specialized components like electronics or heating surfaces.

The downside to a chemical foam system is the length of time it takes to clean up afterward.

Keep your data safe

In an increasingly high-tech world, a number of businesses have spaces filled with electronic components. Whether you need data storage for your business or you have a room geared toward external communication, a gas system may be right for you.

When an electrical fire breaks out, the gas system expels its payload in time to keep your components safe. The gas reacts with the fire, extinguishing it without a reduction in oxygen.

Those companies operating within minimal space, however, may find an inert gas system to be a little bulky. To make the most of its fire suppression capabilities, a gas system must also be kept near the equipment it’s meant to protect.

Keep a large area safe

In some cases, water mist systems are actively replacing traditional types of fire suppression systems in Lawrenceville, GA. The water mist system uses a specially dispersed agent that starves a fire of oxygen rather than drowns it in a flood of water. The result is a fire suppression solution that kills fires but evaporates quickly.

Though gaining popularity, a water mist system still has ground to make up before it is as readily available as the alternatives.

Stay safe with us

For nearly forty years, AAA Fire Protection Resources, Inc. has worked tirelessly to provide several types of fire suppression systems in Lawrenceville, GA. Since we opened our doors in 1981, we have kept ourselves on the cutting edge of fire prevention. Even better, our highly-skilled technicians are as courteous and professional as they are up to date on the latest fire prevention techniques.

From installation to repair to maintenance, you can count on AAA Fire Protection Resources, Inc. for Georgia’s most comprehensive care. Keeping your employees and customers safe doesn’t have to be a chore. We can help. Call AAA Fire Protection Resources, Inc. today.

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