The Worst Things You Can Do in a Fire

No one wants to think they’ll ever be in a fire, whether at home, work or elsewhere. We might think we know what to do in a situation like that, but in the heat of the moment, many people panic. Do you know what to do—and more importantly, what not to do—in a fire? If you’re not sure, the consequences can be fatal. Here are all the things to never do in a fire in Lawrenceville, GA:

  • Open doors indiscriminately: Think back to your elementary school fire training. One of the first things your teachers told you was to touch doors and doorknobs to see if they’re hot. This still holds true—do not open doors if there’s smoke coming through or the door feels hot. The only exception is if there’s truly no other means of escape.
  • Jump out of an upstairs window: When you’re out of options, it might be tempting to jump from a window—but the fall can injure you or kill you. If there’s no other option, try making a rope out of bedsheets to climb down.
  • Hide: Never, ever hide in a cabinet or under a bed. You will asphyxiate from the smoke at best, and die in the flames at worst. Firefighters will not be able to find you in time.
  • Delay calling for help: Speaking of firefighters, make sure to call the fire department the instant you notice something is wrong. Don’t assume you can put out the flames yourself. Call for help, do what you can and then get out.
  • Try to go back for valuables: It’s tempting to try to save precious photos and heirlooms from a fire, but that choice might kill you. As fires burn, structures become significantly less stable. Do not try to rescue sentimental or valuable items.
  • Break windows for more air: Breaking windows open can actually intensify the flames and smoke, instead of flooding the room with fresh air like you had hoped.
  • Run when your clothes are on fire: Go back to elementary school again: “stop, drop and roll” is still good advice when your clothes are on fire. Roll around on the ground to put them out, then escape.
  • Use an elevator: Elevators run on electricity and are not reliable conveyances during a fire. Don’t risk getting trapped in an elevator while flames take over the building. Always use the stairs.
  • Point fire extinguishers at the top of flames: When you’re using a fire extinguisher, make sure to point it at the base of the flames, not at the middle or the top. The extinguisher can’t smother the flames if you don’t aim appropriately.

Fires are frightening, devastating and all too common. That’s why it’s so important to understand the worst things to do in a fire in Lawrenceville, GA.

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