New Advances in Fire Safety Technology

Innovations and new advancements can completely transform an industry. With the latest technology, we are seeing major enhancements to the fire safety industry. Fire safety improvements in Lawrenceville, GA that would have passed for science fiction 10 years ago are now becoming a reality. Check out the following recent advances and discover how this fire safety technology S.A.V.E.S.:

  • Smart solutions: The Internet of Things has connected household items and business systems in new and creative ways. Communication and monitoring that uses once-standard items is now possible. This smart tech is a game-changer when it comes to fire safety improvements. Fire protection consultants in Lawrenceville, GA can now offer services such as monitoring water flow in sprinkler systems remotely and delivering precision system testing with smart technology.
  • Advanced smoke detection: The latest advancements in smoke detectors have increased the sensitivity of these devices so they can distinguish between different types of smoke. They can recognize the difference between overcooked food in the kitchen (a nuisance fire) and a true fire that requires emergency response. This reduces hassles for homeowners and false alarms for fire departments.
  • Video detection: Video image smoke detection systems can help trace a fire to its point of origin. It sees the smoke signature and can help determine the source of the fire in large settings such as stadiums and warehouses, where the fire may be difficult to locate.
  • Evacuation systems: These integrated systems provide custom evacuation tools that can save lives. An integrated system can store more than 200 audio messages to be played at appropriate times. Designers can create a custom emergency plan for an effective communication platform to use in emergency situations in a variety of settings.
  • Suppression systems: New fire safety improvements in Lawrenceville, GA include water mist suppression systems. These use far less water than traditional sprinkler systems. They can mist water to larger areas more effectively to better fight fires while also conserving water, which can also help prevent water damage to properties. These systems are also proving safer than the gas suppression systems used in the past.

How a fire protection consultant in Lawrenceville, GA S.A.V.E.S

Of course, not every new innovation is appropriate for every setting. It’s important to partner with fire protection consultants to determine the best solutions for your setting. With extensive knowledge in the latest fire safety improvements in Lawrenceville, GA, your local consultants can educate you on the latest technologies and customize the optimal system for your needs.

Reap the benefits of new innovations

Discover the latest fire safety improvements to address all your safety needs by contacting the experts at AAA Fire Protection Resources, Inc. today to schedule a fire protection consultation in Lawrenceville, GA. Since 1981, we have been providing quality fire protection equipment for commercial locations all across Georgia. We specialize in the latest fire training, emergency lights, exit signs, sprinkler systems, fire alarms and more. Give us a call at 770-963-0887 with any questions, to set up an appointment or to place an order. We look forward to helping you reap the benefits of the latest fire protection solutions.

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