Top Tips for Addressing Spring Fire Safety Concerns in Commercial Buildings

As winter fades and spring starts to reach full bloom, you know that it’s time for spring cleaning! While most business owners and managers in Lawrenceville, GA see this as a chance to clean up their properties, it’s also a great opportunity to address some of the most common spring fire safety concerns. Whether you manage an apartment complex or own a retail space, you have a duty to keep life and property safe in the event of a fire. Here are some ways to bolster your fire safety protocols this spring.

Check emergency lights and exit signs

Fires are scary situations, and conditions can be confusing and chaotic if there isn’t a well-defined escape route from your building. In most cases, electrical power is lost. Even those who are highly familiar with the building can find navigation difficult in dark and smoky conditions. If the power goes out during a fire, you need to be sure emergency alarms and lights come on so everyone in the building is aware of the situation and can find a clear path to safety.

It’s important to have your emergency lights, alarms and exit signs tested to make sure they function in an emergency. While you should perform a 30-minute minimum function test every month to ensure proper operation, contact your local professionals to complete a 90-minute test as you’re concentrating on fire safety in the spring.

Check all fire extinguishers

Quality fire extinguishers help people in your commercial building put out small fires or stop the spread of larger fires long enough to ensure safe evacuation. Having your fire extinguishers inspected should be high on the checklist when it comes to addressing spring fire safety concerns. Extinguishers are only good if they’re functional—have them inspected each spring.

You should also take this opportunity to make sure your building has enough fire extinguishers. No one in your building should have to travel more than 75 feet to get to a fire extinguisher—make sure units are mounted on walls at distances of less than 75 feet. Extinguishers should also be mounted near exits to ensure that no one has to travel far into the building to reach them. Your local fire safety experts can properly install new units in the places where they’re needed most.

Discuss emergency protocols with building staff and employees

As you’re checking your fire safety systems throughout your commercial space in Lawrenceville, GA, use this time as an opportunity to discuss emergency protocol with everyone who regularly uses or inhabits your building. Take time to train employees on fire prevention and post an emergency plan in multiple locations around the building. Information is power when it comes to preventing and responding to any emergency situation, including a fire.

As a business owner in Lawrenceville, GA, you have a duty to protect everyone who uses or passes through your commercial space. Addressing spring fire safety concerns gives you the peace of mind that you’ve done your part to keep employees, customers and yourself safe in case of a fire emergency. Contact the team at AAA Fire Protection Resources, Inc. to assist you in your efforts and answer any questions you may have about proper fire safety.

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