How Home Fire Suppression Systems Save Lives

If you’re looking for a great addition to the fire safety precautions you’re taking in your home, you should consider a fire suppression system. Also known as sprinkler systems, home fire suppression systems add an extra layer of protection that will help prevent major damages in the event of an emergency. Residential fire sprinkler systems are able to stop a fire in its tracks and prevent it from spreading. Continue reading if you’d like to learn all the benefits of having a fire suppression system installed in your home.

Are sprinkler systems expensive?

As long as you work with a reputable fire equipment supplier, you’re sure to get a fair price on your sprinkler system. Having a residential fire sprinkler system will also help save money if a fire occurs. Fire damage can result in the need for major repairs, which can easily cost thousands of dollars. A sprinkler system will prevent fire from spreading, thus minimizing damage.

The cost of a sprinkler system is usually worth the sense of safety it provides as well. With a quality sprinkler system, you don’t have to worry as much about a fire spreading while you’re sleeping or out of the house.

Don’t sprinkler systems often misfire?

One of the biggest concerns most people have with home fire suppression systems is that they will misfire and cause water damage. However, this is a major misconception. With most sprinkler systems, only the sprinkler heads sensing heat will go off. That means, unlike in the movies, your entire sprinkler system won’t go off in the event of a small kitchen fire.

Where can you install sprinkler systems?

It’s possible to install sprinkler systems in most types of buildings. Houses and apartments alike can benefit from a residential sprinkler system. Residential sprinkler systems feature a minimal design, so it’s easy to decorate around them.

Choosing a sprinkler system

The two main types of home fire suppression systems are standalone and multi-use systems. Deciding on the right system usually depends on your exact needs and wants. Standalone systems feature their own piping and are usually low maintenance. Multi-use sprinkler systems, on the other hand, utilize the home’s plumbing pipes. That means you don’t have to worry about stagnant water coming through the system.

Don’t wait

Residential sprinkler systems are not only convenient, but they could help save the lives of you and anyone living in your household. While having a working fire extinguisher in your home is a big help, it’s best to utilize all fire safety options currently available. Plus, to effectively stop a fire with an extinguisher, you’d have to reach the fire in time. If the fire has started in another room, you might not be aware of it until it’s grown too large to control.

A residential sprinkler system will stop a fire before it has time to grow. Protect your home and family by investing in one of these systems today.

If you’re interested in top-quality residential fire sprinkler systems at fair prices, contact AAA Fire Protection Resources, Inc.

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