5 Essential Elements in Creating a Fire Prevention Plan

Very few events that can impact your home or business are as terrifying as the prospect of fire. In just an instant, flames can spread, eating up millions in property and endangering the lives of loved ones and colleagues alike.

What is a fire prevention plan? A fire prevention plan is basically a document and set of actions to try to identify and minimize any and all risks of fire throughout your workplace via careful governance and preparation.

Your workers’ safety is your top priority. Crafting a fire protection plan is something that every property owner should take very seriously.

What are the elements of a fire safety plan? Read on for some thoughts about what yours should contain and what it should protect:

  • Get it down on paper: A plan is only as good as its articulation. You might have the world’s greatest elements of a fire safety plan in your head, but that’s not going to do anyone any good if it only lives there. You need to get it down on paper, from start to finish: how to sound the alarm; the various protective measures; emergency contact info; evacuation areas and more. It all needs to be written down in a cohesive and logical plan.
  • Communicate the plan: Again, a fire safety plan is only helpful if everyone knows about it and what it contains. Make sure that everyone who enters your business to work—be they full-timers or contractors—has been made aware of the fire prevention plan. It’s also a good idea to have a few copies in logical places, like the break room or the cafeteria, so that employees can stay fresh by reviewing them.
  • Know your hazards: If you’re in a line of business that regularly handles combustible materials, then you must have a plan in place for controlling the waste that it can produce. These accumulations represent significant fire hazards, so any fire safety plan worth its salt must account for how risk can be mitigated via proper waste disposal.
  • Know your workspace: Another one of the critical elements of a fire safety plan is a sound understanding of both personnel and your workspace. If you work in manufacturing, for example, and have certain areas where hot work like welding can occur, make sure that those areas are set up according to Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) regulations (e.g., flammable materials should be kept at safe distances from open flames, etc.).
  • Spend on the equipment: Out of all of the things that your company will ever invest in, firefighting equipment and prevention technology should be one of the biggest no-brainers. Make sure that your workplace is fully stocked with everything your people need to protect themselves and each other—and don’t stop there. Invest in the regular maintenance of this valuable equipment.

Creating a fire safety plan that works for everyone is a critical responsibility of any business owner. If you recognize its value but still aren’t quite sure where to start, then it’s time to call our team at AAA Fire Protection Resources, Inc. Fire protection consultations are just one of the many services that we offer, so get in touch to schedule yours today.

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