What’s Hydrostatic Testing and Why Is It Important?

If you are in charge of a large building, there are many items on your list of responsibilities. Keeping your facility safe will be dependent on how well you keep track of these responsibilities. These can include general maintenance of more detailed tasks such as fire suppression systems. Although there never seems to be an end to these chores, they are essential to the welfare and legal compliance of your establishment.

Your fire suppression system is one responsibility you cannot shirk. When you are considering the maintenance of your fire suppression system, don’t forget hydrostatic testing for your fire extinguishers.

What Is Hydrostatic Testing Fire Extinguisher?

This type of testing is done on rechargeable fire extinguishers. It is done to evaluate how well the cylinder holds pressure. During the testing, the overall strength of the tank is tested. The tank is also checked for leaks. This type of procedure will basically check to see how safe and effective your fire extinguishers are in your facility.

How Often Should I Have This Done?

This type of procedure should be done according to the following chart:

  • Every 5 years: pressurized water, carbon dioxide or wet chemical extinguishers
  • Every 12 years: dry chemical extinguishers

Because there are long stretches of time in between each test, it can be easy to overlook this task. Because different types of extinguishers require different types of testing, it is important to take note of which types are in your facility. There could be a combination of types as well.

How Is Testing Done?

The extinguishers will be visually inspected for any abnormalities. Next, the extinguisher will be discharged by a professional technician. This will allow them to inspect the interior of the canister and the valves. After this, pressure tests will be run. Last of all, the extinguisher will be recharged for future use.

Who Should Do The Testing?

It is very important that this type of testing only be done by professionals. Our team at AAA Fire Protection Resources Inc can help you set up a testing schedule for your facility. Our trained professionals will know when to perform these necessary tests, to make sure your facility stays fire compliant within your community.

If you would like to learn more about our services, please contact us at AAA Fire Protection Resources Inc, serving Lawrenceville, GA, and the surrounding areas. We will be happy to answer your questions today.

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