What to Do When a Gas Leak Occurs

Gas leaks are scary, and they are not uncommon. In homes and buildings that use gas or that have gas lines nearby, a gas leak is possible and can be devastating. There are a few things you can do, however, to help prevent issues and to help keep you and your family safe if there is a gas leak.

What to Do When a Gas Leak Occurs

The first sign of a gas leak is likely to be the smell of the gas itself. If you are smelling a large amount of gas or if the smell of gas is very strong in your home, the odds that you have a leak are very strong. If you have access to your gas line, or you can turn the gas off to the house, this is a good idea. This will keep the gas from seeping in and may help to stop the leak until the gas company can come out and see what is going on.

The next thing you need to do is move outside. If gas has built up to the point that you can smell it in the home, that means that levels are potentially dangerous for your family. You should move outside and take any pets with you as well. You then need to contact the authorities. The fire department can come and do an investigation and see if they can find the leak and stop it and they can also help to ensure that the home is safe for you to enter.

After you have contacted the authorities, you are likely either going to be able to go back into the home if the gas has dispersed, or you may have to find another place to stay for the night. You then need to contact the gas company in the morning so that they can come, find the leak and then repair any issues.

Making a Family Plan for a Gas Leak

If you have a home that is serviced by gas or that has an active gas line into the home, it is very important that you come up with a plan if something happens. Much like a fire, a gas leak can cause catastrophic damage and can even take your life if you do not take action.

Having a plan in place can help your family stay calm, it can help you to move quickly and it can help save your life and the lives of your family if you know how to react.  

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