The Best Fire Extinguishers To Have in Your Car

Fires can happen anywhere and at any time. However, when those fires occur in vehicles, the risk and dangers heighten. That is also why it is important to have the best fire extinguishers for cars & trucks protection — and for your own safety too.

The good news is there are reliable and trustworthy options. If you are looking for the best fire extinguishers for your car or truck, then you understand the importance of being prepared. Below are our picks for the best fire extinguishers to have in your vehicle.

Best Fire Extinguishers for Your Car

There are many aspects to consider regarding fire extinguishers. When choosing the best fire extinguisher options for your car or truck, those factors include options like weight, size, and mounting options, along with other considerations like fire class rating.

After reviewing the field and the options, there were some excellent fire extinguishers to keep you and your vehicle protected from a vehicle fire. These extinguishers made the cut and are our first choice when the heat is on.

  • First Alert Auto: One of the most recognized names for auto fire extinguishers, First Alert Auto products are lightweight, small, easy to operate, and offer fire class B and C protection.
  • Kidde: The Kidde 21005779 Pro 210, Abc, 160cl is another popular vehicle fire extinguisher but for different reasons. The Kidde isn’t as small and requires some extras for mounting, yet it is also one of the most effective and powerful fire extinguishers and has an ABC fire class rating.
  • H3r Fire Extinguisher: Another more portable and smaller but effective fire extinguisher, the H3r Performance Mx100c Fire Extinguisher, is lightweight, offers easy operation, and has a BC fire class rating.
  • Victory: The Victory Fire Extinguisher is an excellent middle-of-the-road option for size and comes with or without a mounting bracket. Offering ABC fire class protection, this is another reliable option for putting out the flames.

If you are looking for fire protection equipment, from extinguishers to alarms and PPE, then AAA Fire Protection Resources, Inc. can help. Fires are dangerous, and our only real protection is preventative measures and preparation.

Contact us at AAA Fire Protection Resources to learn more about our services or if you have any questions, and let us help you stay prepared today. Fires can be unpredictable, but your fire extinguisher can’t afford to be.

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