How To Prevent Gas Leaks

How To Prevent Gas Leaks

When gas leaks happen in the home or workplace, it can be incredibly dangerous. They can cause fires and explosions that can be catastrophic for everyone in the area. To keep you and your family safe, you should know how to prevent gas leaks from occurring in the first place. Here are some simple steps you can take to do so.

Turn Off The Appliances

Many gas appliances use natural gas to heat water, cook food, and run other home necessities. These include stove top ranges, ovens, water heaters, and furnaces. These gas-powered appliances can be very dangerous if they leak. It’s important to look at each and every appliance in your house that uses gas on a regular basis. This includes furnaces, water heaters, and gas-powered clothes dryers.

Turn Off the Gas

Most homes have gas shut-off valves that let you turn off the gas to individual appliances, including stoves, water heaters and furnaces. In some cases, this will be enough to prevent a leak or an appliance from being damaged. To shut off the valve, simply turn the tab that’s on top of the valve to a perpendicular position to the gas pipe. It should only take a quarter-turn to close the valve and stop the gas flow. Once the gas is off, don’t attempt to use any appliances that are connected to the gas line or to try and relight any pilot lights. Also, don’t try to light any matches or smoke inside the home.

Call The Utility Company

A natural gas leak occurs when a gas line or appliance is leaking natural gas into an open area. The escaping gas can cause respiratory problems, suffocation and even death if not handled properly. It is also flammable and may explode when exposed to a flame or spark. Never light a cigarette, candle or any other kind of flame when there is a gas leak in the home because it can ignite the gas and create an explosion. Depending on where you live, your utility or provider is responsible for the electricity or gas service and billing you receive. These companies usually have a customer service call center to assist with these issues. A gas leak is a serious issue and should be addressed immediately. Call your utility company or the fire department if you notice a strong smell of rotten eggs, a hissing sound or water bubbling around a valve box.

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