Five Tips for Creating a Fire Prevention Plan

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Fire extinguishers and sprinkler systems are essential for every workplace and manufacturing floor. However, the biggest tool in your firefighting arsenal is prevention. OSHA and other regulatory agencies require fire prevention plans anyway, so it’s a good idea to ensure yours is in writing and communicated to your employees. Here are five tips for creating your fire prevention plan in Lawrenceville, GA: Know the hazards: Every fire prevention plan starts with a list of possible hazards and their location. This includes storage of hazardous materials, potential ignition sources and areas where fires may have occurred previously. This part of the... View Article

An Overview of the Different Types of Fire Extinguishers

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Fire extinguishers are crucial pieces of safety equipment that you should have in any type of building, whether commercial or residential. However, not every fire extinguisher is designed to fight every type of fire. There are different categories and types of fire extinguishers in Lawrenceville, GA that are designed to handle fires burning from different materials or sources. The kind of fire extinguisher you use will depend on the class of fire you face. Fire classes are divided into A, B, C, D and K. Class A fires include common combustibles like wood, paper and cloth. Class B fires feature... View Article

How to Determine the Number of Fire Extinguishers You Need

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Among the many considerations owners and managers of commercial buildings must take into account is the number and placement of fire extinguishers around their facility. There are two main factors to consider when determining how many fire extinguishers you will need: the square footage of the building and the building’s hazard level. OSHA regulations and local building codes are primarily based on those two factors when determining the fire protection requirements for any given structure. Here’s an overview of what you should know when working with a fire extinguisher supplier in Lawrenceville, GA to outfit your facility. Getting the right... View Article

What Types of Fire Extinguishers Are There, and What Are They Used For?

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According to the National Fire Protection Association, over the last 10 years, there were more than 1.3 million fires in the United States. These blazes cost $25.6 billion in property damage, caused 15,200 injuries and saw the deaths of more than 3,600 people. In other words, at your home or in your business, there is always the potential for a fire to spring up. Whether you’re operating a business or you want to provide a safety net for your home, a fire extinguisher is crucial. More than just a minor tool used to control a blaze, studies have shown that... View Article

How Often Should a Fire Extinguisher Be Inspected?

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In a lot of ways, a reliable fire extinguisher is the unsung safety hero of any workplace or residence. It sits in its holder in some out-of-the-way place, sometimes for years on end, just waiting to be called into service. When they’re called upon, portable fire extinguishers are remarkably effective. In fact, one 36-year study showed that fire extinguishers were undeniably important when it came to preserving safety. Why should fire extinguishers be inspected in Lawrenceville, GA? In a selection of 5,400 fires, a portable fire extinguisher was able to stop the blaze entirely or control it long enough for... View Article